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Kenedy Lodge

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Looking for More Than Just a Bed to Sleep On? Get the Full Hospitality Service Texas is Known for from The Lodge at Kenedy

The Lodge at Kenedy is definitely in its own class when it comes to the oil and gas lodging options available throughout Texas. Designed specifically for oil and gas lodging, The Lodge takes pride is providing the best service possible for your team, along with a number of amenities and comforts not usually available at other locations.

Why Choose The Lodge at Kenedy For Your Workforce Lodging Needs?

The Lodge is known for its spacious rooms, which they report to be 35% larger than the average hotel room. Their rooming options include the King Suite, fitted with one king-sized bed, or the Double Queen Suite with two queen-sized beds, which helps when your company needs to lodge a large number of people without spending a large amount of money.

Besides being one of the most spacious lodging options, The Lodge also provides some of the most comfortable amenities you’ll find. Each room is designed to function as more of a small apartment than just a bed to sleep on—they all include full kitchens, flat-screen televisions, couches, full bathrooms, and work areas with wireless Internet access. Other amenities include covered porches with rocking chairs, swimming pools, free breakfast each morning, and outdoor BBQ pits.


Type: Lodge
Address: Kenedy TX

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